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At Bees Knees, we believe in letting Mother Nature take over your skincare routine with our USA-manufactured, organic skincare and balms. No chemicals, fragrances or preservatives, just real, natural ingredients.

Restore Cracked Heels

Experience foot bliss IN 3 DAYS with our "Head Over Heels" Organic Foot Balm—a long-lasting, treatment for dry, cracked heels. Formulated with 100% organic ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, and essential oils, this balm deeply hydrates and repairs.

Cracked Heels Bee-Gone!
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The Sting of Parabens in Your Skin Care

Parabens have long been used as preservatives in a variety of cosmetic and personal care products, including lotions, shampoos, and makeup. However, increasing research has raised concerns about the potential negative impacts of parabens on human health and well-being.

Hormone Disruption, Skin Irritation and Allergies, Cumulative Exposure, Hurts Environment, Accelerated Skin Aging, Regulatory Uncertainty

Bees Knees Tattoo Balm

Tattoo Balm

Hydrating Tattoo Balm, specially crafted for easy application and superior protection. Key ingredients include beeswax for moisture retention, kokum butter for deep hydration, cocoa butter for nourishment, grapeseed oil for lightweight moisture, and Vitamin E for skin repair. Also features anti-inflammatory neem oil and aromatic vanilla and coconut oils. Indulge in this natural, luxury balm for radiant and vibrant tattoos.

Nourish Your Art the Bee's Knees Way

Bee-autiful Inside and Out: Why Ingredients Matter

Natural ingredients offer a plethora of benefits, including enhanced safety, nutrient-rich formulas, and eco-friendly sourcing. They avoid harmful toxins and are more compatible with the skin's natural chemistry. Additionally, they often deliver effective results while providing an enhanced user experience and aligning with ethical considerations. With these advantages, it's clear that natural ingredients are not just a trend but a long-term shift in how we approach skin and body care. Would the inclusion of more natural ingredients align with your current product offerings and brand philosophy?

Bees Knees Exfoliating Body Polish

Body Polish Sugar Scrub

Discover your new shower essential: our all-natural, organic Sugar Body Polish. Formulated with fine cane sugar, coconut oil, and the calming scents of vanilla and lavender essential oils, this luxurious scrub gently exfoliates and nourishes your skin. Experience rejuvenated, soft, and smooth skin after just one use.

Pure Ingredients, Pure Joy

Bees Knees Product Commitment

  • Organic

    We only use responsibly-sourced 100% natural organic ingredients

  • Cruelty-Free

    Our products are 100% cruelty-free and never tested on animals

  • Chemical-Free

    You will never see parabens, perfumes, dyes, water, alcohol or chemicals in our products

  • Made in the U.S.A

    We are a proud, made-in-the-USA skincare company. Our products are manufactured and packaged in Stamford, CT

  • Eco-Friendly

    We strive to use sustainable, eco-friendly containers and packging whenever we can to help reduce the buildup of plastics in our landfills.

  • Woman-Owned

    From the founder, to the manufacturing, and everything in between. We are proud to be a 100% woman-owned business.

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