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Natural Organic Hydrating Tattoo Balm

Natural Organic Hydrating Tattoo Balm

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Unveil the Brilliance of Your Body Art with Lasting Care

Just got inked or looking to reinvigorate your existing masterpiece? Make each stroke of ink a vibrant display of your individuality with Tattoo Balm by Bees Knees Skincare. Our revolutionary blend combines natural ingredients and luxurious care to create a product tailored specifically for tattoo lovers like you.

Simplified, Sophisticated Application

No more fuss with messy fingers or complicated applications. Our ingeniously designed twist-up tube allows for a smooth, glide-on application. Just a single twist dispenses the right amount of balm to blanket your tattoo in ultra-hydrating, color-protecting goodness.

Artistry Meets Science: Key Ingredients and Their Alchemic Tattoo-Care Properties (2 oz balm)

  • Beeswax
  • Kokum Butter
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Vitamine E
  • Neem Oil
  • Vanilla & Coconut Essential Oils

The Pinnacle of Tattoo Care

Elevate the longevity and brilliance of your ink with our Hydrating Tattoo Balm—the ultimate confidant in your journey of self-expression and artistry. With each application, you’re not just preserving your art; you’re enriching a story that’s told through each line, shade, and color.


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Preserve Your Art, Nourish Your Skin

Bees Knees all-natural, 100% organic tattoo balm promotes quicker healing, enhanced color preservation, and prolonged vibrancy.

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  • Beeswax

    Moisture Lockdown: Forms a resilient barrier to lock in essential moisture, accelerating the tattoo's healing phase.

    Color Integrity: Reinforces the vibrancy and saturation of tattoo pigments.

  • Kokum Butter

    Intense Hydration: Saturates deeper layers of the skin, preventing unsightly dryness and flaking.

    Quick-Start Healing: Facilitates rapid cellular regeneration for expedited tattoo healing.

  • Cocoa Butter

    Nutritional Boost: Fortifies the skin with antioxidants and essential nutrients to promote a healthy canvas for your art.

    The Itch Antidote: Offers immediate relief from itching and discomfort during the tattoo healing process.

  • Grapeseed Oil

    Feather-Light Hydration: Imparts essential hydration without the greasiness, allowing the skin to breathe.

    Color Longevity: Infuses antioxidants that defend against environmental factors, preserving tattoo vibrancy.

  • Vitamin E

    • Skin Perfector: Speeds up skin repair while minimizing potential scarring for an immaculate tattoo appearance.
    • Pigment Preservation: Counteracts free radicals that may deteriorate the quality of your tattoo's ink.
  • Neem Oil:

    • Anti-Inflammatory Maven: Quells redness and inflammation during the critical healing stage.
    • Guardian of Health: Offers antiseptic properties that inhibit infection and bolster skin health.
  • Vanilla and Coconut Essential Oils:

    • Sensory Pleasure: Indulge in a calming, aromatic experience that soothes both your skin and senses.
    • Enhanced Penetration: Facilitates the effective absorption of the balm's nutrient-rich formula.
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How To Apply Tattoo Balm

Step 1: Start using 7 days after tattoo session

Step 2: Apply 3-4 times a day or if tattoo becomes itchy during healing

Step 3: 14 days after tattoo session use 1-2 a day

Step 4: Keep using tattoo balm daily to maintain color & tattoo integrity

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  • Artistic Integrity

    Tattoos are works of art created with precision and skill. Without proper care, the quality of the tattoo can degrade, affecting the lines, colors, and overall appearance. Maintenance ensures that the tattoo remains vibrant and as the artist intended.

  • Infection Prevention

    Any break in the skin, including a fresh tattoo, is susceptible to bacterial infection. Proper care, including the use of antiseptic creams and cleanliness, minimizes the risk of infection, which can otherwise lead to more severe health implications.

  • Accelerated Healing

    Proper aftercare routines speed up the healing process. By keeping the tattoo moisturized and free from bacteria, the skin can regenerate more effectively, leading to quicker and more efficient healing.

  • Reduced Risk of Scarring

    Improper care can result in scarring, which will permanently affect the tattoo’s appearance. Following an aftercare routine diligently minimizes the risk of developing scars and maintains the tattoo's aesthetic value.

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  • Cost-Efficiency

    Treatments for infections or faded tattoos can be costly. Consistent aftercare not only maintains the artwork but also spares you from potentially hefty medical or touch-up fees.

  • Minimizing Color Fade

    Over time, all tattoos will fade to some extent due to exposure to the sun and the skin's natural regeneration process. Proper care, including the use of sunscreen, can slow down this process significantly.

  • Maintaining Professional Appearance

    In professional settings, a well-cared-for tattoo could be less of a point of contention than one that is visibly infected or fading. Proper care ensures that your body art looks its best, even in the workplace.

  • Personal Responsibility

    When you invest in a tattoo, you're not just paying for the initial artwork; you're investing in something that will be part of your life indefinitely. Proper aftercare is part of the responsibility that comes with that long-term commitment.

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